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This summer, we ran a contest. We have been so blessed with over 40 years in business in the Morgan County community, and we wanted to do something HUGE to say thank you to someone in the community who has been making an impact with their daily service in our neighborhood. Brenda Rose was named our Hero.


Brenda’s nominations that moved us beyond words came in from three individuals. Here is what they had to say about her:

“I volunteer to many areas/groups in the Mooresville area, but was amazed by what Brenda gives of herself to this area and it’s seniors. As director of the Senior Center she cooks meals, gathers supplies, runs a food bank, supplies transportation to seniors for their health needs. She provides activities for them, and finds info and provides programing when she can.

Not to long ago she drove one of the seniors to get an endoscopy and waited all day to take them home (on her own time), because they had nobody to take them. She does have some devoted helpers, but the majority of the daily running of the center fall on her. She is amazing!!! And she is just one of the many people in our community.”

-Patricia P

“Brenda Rose is the gal in charge of the Mooresville Senior Center. Every weekday around lunch time you will see the cars in the parking lot, this is our local seniors, getting their their handmade fresh meal. For some this is the only meal of the day they have due to their income. The senior center is not helped by Church in Mission. Brenda is continually researching and finding grants to help her and some of the others who provide funds to keep the senior center functioning.

The annual bean dinner that is sponsored by the Brown township fire dept and the major fund raiser. Though -out the year they also have rummage sales to raise more funds. The cost of the lunch is $3 for members. I periodically invite some friends to join me on taco salad Friday, which is the last Friday of the month, and we all will put $5 in the honor box. There is never any leftovers. Before the meal they ask for prayer requests, and prayer is said before serving and Brenda and her kitchen volunteers serve the seniors who require assistance to walk, then the rest get up and serve themselves. In most cases the money in the honor box does not cover the food costs. Brenda pays for this out of her own pocket.

Brenda is very involved with her grandchildren as well. She will give the shirt off her back for her seniors. She took a week of vacation off this summer, know that some of her seniors would not be eating lunch that week. She has also started a food bank for her seniors with any extra donations and monies she supplements with. Their AC unit is older and needs replaced.

I want to nominate Brenda Rose as my hero, she has nothing but desire and dedication to care and provide the best she can for our seniors in Mooresville, and so many people don’t know of this kind heart hidden amongest the trees and pond that surround our senior center. Please consider this nomination.”

-Kathleen M.

“Brenda runs the Mooresville Senior Center. In doing this she spends a lot of her own out of pocket money to make sure the seniors have a good hot meal 5 days a week. She doesn’t receive much recognition for this. If it wasn’t for Brenda several Senior Citizens around Mooresville would not have a place to go for fellowship, and a nice lunch. Brenda is there every day even if she doesn’t feel well to make sure all of this happens. The Mooresville Senior Center is very much in need of a new Furnace, and I think Brenda should be the hero to make this happen!”

-Barron S.

Thank you, Brenda. You are a fantastic human, and we are so pleased to have you in our community. Congratulations on your nominations and big win for the Mooresville Senior Center!

Photos below show before and after shots of the package that was replaced and installed.
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Mooresville Senior Center wins Trane Comfort System

thermostat replaced with trane comfort system

replace old central air unit

new trane comfort system central air

replace old furnace

new trane comfort system furnace