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Can I put anything down the garbage disposal? Is it okay to leave a leaky faucet alone?

Debunking 3 common plumbing myths

1. Lemons help freshen and clean your garbage disposal.
FALSE! Fruit might smell nice, but citric acid can also corrode the metal surfaces of your sink and drain. Instead, make sure your garbage disposal is cleaned of any odor-causing debris and flush with hot, soapy water regularly.

2. Flushable wipes are good to use.
FALSE! While convenient, flushable wipes do not break down like toilet paper does, which could lead to serious clogging. Dispose of wipes in a garbage bin to avoid costly repairs.

3. A leaky faucet is no big deal.
FALSE! Those small drips are not only annoying, they could lead to a larger water bill, mold and water damage, and over time, could also affect your water pressure. Inspect pipes for the source of the issue before major problems arise.

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