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This is a frequently asked question, especially this time of year. Much discussion has been made over the ability to recharge your air conditioning system with the (soon to be phased out) R-22 freon. We can discuss EPA rulings and phase out dates if you would like, but let’s make this simple. The a/c system in your home CAN still be recharged with up to three pounds of R-22 without performing a refrigerant leak search and repair. With this being said, is this the best choice? The fact is, your a/c system does not use freon like your car uses gas. If you need to recharge it, there is a leak. As with any leak, it only gets worse. This is where the choices begin. Do you just continue to recharge it? – Do you try to find and repair the leak? – Do you replace the a/c? – Do you forgo any of these and spend all summer in a cold water bath? There are many things to consider other than just to recharge or not to recharge. Things such as – How long do I intend to live in my home? – Do you want to continue paying the ever increasing amount for this type of temporary repair? – Is the a/c system more then 12 years old? – How well does it cool when it is charged? – Does it cost a lot to cool your home? – Are there other repairs that need to be made to the furnace or a/c system? We can help you answer the questions and concerns about your homes comfort system. Please contact us at 317-831-5279 to discuss your options.