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Does your home or office feel muggy or uncomfortable even though the air conditioning system is running? Is condensation accumulating on windows and other fixtures?

The reason is excessive humidity in the air. We have received 12” more rain than normal this year. That is a lot of water in the air. Humidity condenses back into water when in contact with a cold surface. This accumulation of water can allow mold to grow and cause damage to wood and other surfaces. Here are a few remedies for this problem.

  • Run bath exhaust fans for a minimum of ten minutes after the last shower or bath.
  • Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. This is also true at night when outdoor temperatures decrease.
  • Do not allow the thermostat to raise the cooling temperature during the day or at night.
  • Lower the thermostat setting a degree or two lower than typical.
  • A dehumidifier may be placed in basements or crawl spaces.

There is much more to discuss than can be covered in this forum. Please feel free to contact us at 317-831-5279 for more assistance or advice.