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Who do you trust to give you the REAL answers to your needs and those of your family?
Jod WoodsWhether you are looking for gardening advice or seeking answers to a health issue for a loved one; we all want to speak with someone that we can trust. There are many “would be experts” to be found on the internet.

We all joke and say things like “You know it’s true if it’s on the internet!”, but that is the first place we go for answers. Can you trust what you are reading on the internet? We know in our heart that this may be false information. No one wants to be taken advantage of or cheated. TRUST is something that is earned. May I offer a few items to consider when choosing a trustworthy contractor to work in your home or business?

  • Well established in the community that you live and/or work. A local business can provide superior service compared to those coming from miles away to service your needs.
  • Longevity in the community is typically proof of a trustworthy organization.
  • Community involvement, such as work with local social services, not-for-profits and churches are typically good indicators of the “heart” of a business.
  • “Gradings” or “Standing” with local chambers of commerce, BBB and consumer review organizations will help determine the consistency and quality of service that a company provides.
  • Internet reviews can be a mixed bag. As we discussed earlier, this information may not always be true, but worth a look.
  • A referral from a trusted friend or family member is always appreciated. I hope this helps in choosing a contractor to assist with home improvement projects.