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As we look forward to warmer days, I would encourage you to visually inspect your home. Winter is hard on the outside and inside of our property. Fallen leaves, tree branches, or other debris can collect around the foundation of the home and not allow water to drain properly. This debris can also create problems for your air conditioning unit. It is important that air flow around the outdoor unit be unobstructed. Mice and bugs will often find refuge from the cold inside of the air conditioning unit. A professional tune-up will confirm that your air conditioning system is working at peak efficiency when you need it.

Due to the house being closed up from the cold outdoor temperatures, there can be indoor air-quality concerns. Some of the symptoms of poor air quality are dark stains on the carpet around floor registers or even around the perimeter of the room, wood flooring or trim separating, static electrical shock when touching light switches or metal appliances, excessive dust collecting in furniture, dry and itchy skin, cold and flu symptoms, musty smells, and many more.

If your home exhibits some of these mentioned symptoms, please contact us at 317-831-5279 or to discuss your options.