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Why are some blessed with good health while others have frailties? Why do some have gifts or talents while some seem to be lacking? A few of us are fortunate to have our good health, family and friends and we are given the opportunity to help those who are lacking some of these basic abilities. What are you doing to help others? God has a plan and purpose for everyone. Few people are in a position to devote all of their time or large sums of money to help, but there are worthy local establishments in place to utilize individuals’ time and finances to do a greater collective good. Together we can do more than we can individually. One organization that is close to my heart is the League of Miracles, a sports facility for handicapped children. Until now, these precious children have patiently sat on the sidelines watching their siblings play various sports. Due to the generosity of others, this Jod Woods Thank you organization provides a facility where they are able to safely enjoy what was not previously possible. More information is available online at You can see updates from the League on their Facebook page at Remember those in our community who can use our assistance and be an encouragement to them.