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Did you know that the lack of many illnesses in the United States is credited to modern plumbing?

In the early days of our country, water was usually drawn from nearby rivers, streams, lakes or springs. In more heavily populated areas, the water was delivered by some of the first water mains which were constructed of hollowed out logs.

Many of the health issues were due to contaminated water. Sewage would leak into the drinking water. Log piping would sag in low spots causing stagnate water and a breeding ground for insects.

All these health risks can be avoided by keeping your plumbing system maintained and repaired by a qualified professional. Licensed plumbers have been through years of training. They can maintain your plumbing system properly and protect our water supply.

Do you know your plumber? Are they licensed? Have they fulfilled all training and craftsmanship requirements to protect your health and the water supply? Know who is working on the water system from which you are drinking. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a plumbing license from someone working on your home’s plumbing. A professional will be happy to show you their license. Making sure the right person is working on your water system is not only going to confirm that a repair is done correctly, but it also ensures the cleanliness of the water coming out of your faucet and into your drinking glass. Please contact us at 317-831-5279 or if we may be of any assistance.

As Seen in Morgan County Business Leader.