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Wallet full of money

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. A sale price or any other special promotion will mean more money left in your pocket….Or does it? One must engage their logic to decide if a discounted price is REALLY a discounted price. Let’s take a dramatically reduced price on a service as an example. Specifically, an air conditioning or furnace cleaning. Can a company REALLY pay for a service vehicle and properly trained technician to drive to your home to perform a quality tune up (which should take approximately one hour or more to complete) for around $49.00? The answer is…. NO! It will cost a company more than $49.00 to do this. So, how do they make up for such a loss? Perhaps, they are not taking the time to perform a quality tune up at all, recommending unnecessary repairs or even equipment replacement? Please, hire a trusted LOCAL contractor to help with these tasks. You will be glad that you did.