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After a few days out of town, the Elmores were excited to return home. While they were gone, the spring rain had blown through and washed away some of the dirt and gloom left behind by the harsh winter. As they opened the house door, the pleasant aroma of fresh rain was replaced by an unpleasant odor. The search began to find the source of the horrible stench. The last step into the basement reviled four inches of water. The basement had flooded! Mr. Elmore was conscious of the aging sump pump, but it ran occasionally and seemed to be fine. The spring storm had brought more of a punch than their sump pump could stand.

Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you? This could have been prevented. It is important to test a sump pump periodically; but even with regular testing, a sump pump can still fail. Excessive stress (like a severe rain) can cause this failure. Most sump pumps should be replaced every 7-10 years. A new pump alone is not fool-proof security from failure, or potential property damage. Many items are available to monitor your sump pump and sump pit. An audible alarm is great if you are home, but this would not have helped the Elmore family. Now you have access to a monitor that not only sounds an alarm, but sends a text message or email alert. This advanced notice may prevent significant loss. Economy Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing is an authorized installer for this product. Please feel free to contact us at 317.831.5279 or for more information on this or any other comfort or plumbing needs.