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Do you Have Hot or Cold Areas of Your Home or Office?

Perhaps you have an upstairs or bonus room that stays hot all summer and cold all winter. Maybe the basement is always cool and damp. Does the summer sun that shines directly into your windows create areas that will not cool properly? These are just a few examples of unbalanced indoor air temperature issues. In […]

Will You be Prepared for Summer?

This winter has given us more than our fair share of rain, wind and freezing temperatures. Now is the perfect time to inspect the exterior of your home for potential damage. During this time of inspection, recovery from the winter and preparation for the summer; our air conditioning systems are often overlooked. Here are a […]

Economy Honored with ‘Business of Integrity’ Award by BBB

We are honored to share that Economy Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing was nominated and selected as a Business of Integrity by the Better Business Bureau this week at their Torch Awards ceremony! We are humbled by this award that recognizes our efforts of being honest with our clients in our daily interactions. We appreciate […]

Choosing the Proper Air Filter

We are often asked, “What type of air filter should I use?”.  To answer this question, we need to gather some information. Does anyone in your home or office suffer from breathing issues such as asthma or airborne allergies? Are there pets in the home that create unwanted odors? Do you need to reduce household […]

Would You Like to Prevent a Flooded Basement or Crawlspace?

A sump pump is installed in a pit in the floor of your basement or crawlspace. The pit fills with water from foundation drains, ground water after a rain, utility sink, etc. The pump is designed to start automatically and remove your collected water. Your sump pump should be replaced every 5-7 years. If the […]

Are You Suffering From Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Dry skin, nose and throat? Furniture and cabinet damage? Excessive dust? Doesn’t all this sound fun? This is what many will suffer with this winter. All of these symptoms can be a result of low humidity levels in our homes. During the winter, the air in the average Indiana home will drop below desert levels […]