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We receive so many calls asking this very question. High indoor humidity is the result of lower temperatures but high moisture content in the outdoor air (rain), combined with the activities that we do indoors to create high moisture levels (cooking, showering, laundry). There are many sources of moisture; such as wet crawlspaces or basements, leaking plumbing, bad windows or poor insulation, just to name a few. For this discussion, we will assume that these issues are not for you. The primary role of a properly sized and operating central air conditioning system, in our climate, is to focus on removing humidity from the indoor air. So, if the air conditioning is operating properly, why does it still feel so muggy indoors? Here is your answer. The average air conditioning system operates based upon temperature rather than humidity. For example, the thermostat is set for 72 degrees.  If the area remains below that setting, the air conditioner will not run. If it is below 72 outdoors, the indoor temperature may remain below that setting for hours or even days. Therefore, no call for air conditioning equals no dehumidification. We offer solutions to this issue. Contact us today at 317-831-5279 to discuss your options!