Will Your Heating System Be Ready When You Need It?

Although memories of summer activities are still quite fresh in our mind, we should prepare for fall’s first frosty morning. Here are a few questions to ask yourself BEFORE you need to heat your home or office.

  • How well did the furnace operate during the last heating season?
  • Is the heating system safe to operate?
  • When was the heating system last cleaned and inspected?
  • Are you pleased with the expense to properly heat this area?

If repairs are needed, correcting these issues ahead of time can prevent unnecessary stress and interruptions to your schedule. Scheduling an appointment for a trained technician to properly clean, inspect, and test your furnace each year can provide safe and reliable operation during the cold months ahead. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a new, high-efficient furnace to provide years of quiet and efficient comfort to your home or workplace. A decision like this does not have to be made when the unit has failed in the middle of a record cold snap. Deal with these issues when YOU are in control of the timing. It is our desire that you enjoy a comfortable environment in which to live and work. We are happy to help facilitate any of the options listed. Contact us today at 317-831-5279 to schedule an appointment to prepare your heating system for the wintery weather to come. If you are not confident in the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the existing heating system, it should be addressed now.