Shut off the Water!!

Have you ever been in a situation where these panicked words were heard in your home? 

Perhaps a water pipe froze and burst, maybe while a well meaning repair was being attempted, or even the discovery of damage from a long existing leak? In any case, these words can send the entire household into a fury of screaming, searching, and chaos. Do you know where the main water shut-off valve is located in your home or office building in the case of an emergency? This valve is often located in the general area of the water heater or water softener, in a mechanical room, basement, or garage. You will find a single water line with a gate valve handle that looks like a garden hose faucet valve, or a ball valve that looks like a single handle that is parallel with the water pipe when in the “open” position and perpendicular to the water pipe when in the “closed” position. Older homes may have this valve located in the crawl space. If you can not easily locate and mark this valve for future reference, give us a call at 317-831-5279. We are happy to locate this valve, confirm it to be in proper operating condition, and tag it for easy recognition should the time arise for quick engagement.