Is your water making you sick?

Did you know that the lack of many illnesses in the United States is credited to modern plumbing? In the early days of our country, water was usually drawn from nearby rivers, streams, lakes or springs. In more heavily populated areas, the water was delivered by some of the first water mains which were constructed […]

We all want a “GOOD DEAL”…….right?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. A sale price or any other special promotion will mean more money left in your pocket….Or does it? One must engage their logic to decide if a discounted price is REALLY a discounted price. Let’s take a dramatically reduced price on a service as an example. Specifically, […]

LOOKING for a trusted local plumber?

We would love for you to consider us!  Providing high-quality heating and air conditioning service to Morgan county has been our pleasure since 1976.  You may not know that we also provide the same honest and respectful service for plumbing. If you find yourself in need of our services, please contact us at 317-831-5279 or at We […]

Are you ready for an ALLERGY STORM???

Due to the mild winter, physicians are predicting a spring and summer with an alarming increase of the particles in the air that cause those with seasonal allergies to suffer. There is little that you can do if you venture outdoors, but did you know that you can eliminate as much as 99.98% of these […]

Brenda Rose of Mooresville Senior Center is Community Hero

This summer, we ran a contest. We have been so blessed with over 40 years in business in the Morgan County community, and we wanted to do something HUGE to say thank you to someone in the community who has been making an impact with their daily service in our neighborhood. Brenda Rose was named […]

Virtual Tour of Economy’s Office

Welcome to Our Office! We are please to share with you a virtual tour of our office. You can see a bit of what a day in the life of an Economy office employee experiences on a daily basis. We just went through a remodel, so we are really pleased to share it with you! […]