Are You Ready For A Season Of Renewal?

As we approach the end of this crazy winter weather and look forward to a season of renewal, are you prepared for the flood waters or melting snow and spring showers? Will this water end up in your crawl space or basement? We can not stop the water from coming, but we can control where […]

Are you a ‘Thermostat Scrooge’?

Do you or someone else in your home or business run around all winter complaining about the thermostat being turned up? Do the others in your home or office huddle around any heat source they can find in an effort to stay warm Sounds a bit like a scene from A Christmas Carol. Everyone is […]

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate facility expansion

Economy Heating, Air, and Plumbing, of Mooresville, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the recent facility expansion. More than 60 people gathered for the ribbon-cutting, including Mooresville Chamber of Commerce’s, Executive Director Mindy Taylor and former Chamber presidents, local business owners, community members and Economy Heating – Air Conditioning […]

Will your furnace be ready when you need it?

As we leave the heat and humidity of summer, we know the chill of winter is right around the corner. Was your furnace working as well as it should last winter? Was it costing more to heat your home then you had hoped? Will it be ready for the upcoming heating season? Now is the […]

Is your water making you sick?

Did you know that the lack of many illnesses in the United States is credited to modern plumbing? In the early days of our country, water was usually drawn from nearby rivers, streams, lakes or springs. In more heavily populated areas, the water was delivered by some of the first water mains which were constructed […]

We all want a “GOOD DEAL”…….right?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. A sale price or any other special promotion will mean more money left in your pocket….Or does it? One must engage their logic to decide if a discounted price is REALLY a discounted price. Let’s take a dramatically reduced price on a service as an example. Specifically, […]